November 25, 2021

31 exiles die in the Channel, towards a 3rd dose for all, Germany is becoming social democratized … most of the news of this Wednesday

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Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin in front of Calais hospital, November 24.  Stéphane Dubromel / Hans Lucas for Liberation

© Stéphane Dubromel
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The news

how to buy Ivermectin At least 31 migrants die in the sinking of a boat off Calais. It is the deadliest drama ever observed in the English Channel as migratory crossings intensify due to the increasing lockdown of the port of Calais and Eurotunnel borrowed until then by refugees trying to reach England. According to our information there are five women and a girl among the victims. And four smugglers were arrested. The Dunkirk prosecutor’s office announced to AFP the opening of an investigation into “Entry aid to illegal stay in an organized group” and “Aggravated manslaughter”. The President of the Republic asked “Immediate reinforcement” of Frontex and a European meeting “emergency». “France will not let the English Channel become a cemetery” thundered Emmanuel Macron, while promising to “Find those responsible.” Before him the Prime Minister had described as “tragedyThis drama, the deadliest ever recorded in the Channel. Once there, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin specified that two survivors were rescued from “Heroic way” by the sailors of the French Navy. “Their life is in danger because they are in severe hypothermia” he added “33 bodies were found including the two survivors, there is still one person missing. ” More information here. Third dose for all adults and stricter mask wearing to contain the fifth wave. New sanitary screw turn in perspective. Gathered at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday around Emmanuel Macron, the health defense council decided to toughen its response to the “Start of a meteoric wave” which is sweeping over France and threatening to spoil the end of year celebrations. After consulting the political forces, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, must this Thursday unveil the substance. However, it has already been noted that the measures to strengthen the recall campaign announced on November 9 by Macron will not be enough to pass the course without breakage. Véran will therefore detail on Thursday the anti-Covid measures decided upon during the health defense council on Wednesday. On the menu: extending eligibility for the booster dose and a stricter return to wearing a mask. Read our article.

Germany has reached an agreement to form the first post-Merkel government. Wunderbar! The future German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced a government agreement with the Greens and the Liberals. Almost two months after the legislative elections marked by a historic debacle for the conservative camp of the Chancellor, Olaf Scholz is preparing to succeed her at the beginning of December in an unprecedented alliance. The three formations indicated to have reached an agreement on a “contract“Coalition entitled “Dare to make more progress. Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Sustainability ”. It gives pride of place to environmental protection, in particular with an anticipated exit from coal in 2030, against 2038 previously. Another big announcement, the coalition’s wish to legalize cannabis the sale of which in “approved stores” will be reserved for “adults”. More information here.

Karim Benzema sentenced in the sextape case. The Versailles criminal court went beyond the requisitions of the prosecution, condemning the Blues striker to one year in prison and a 75,000 euro fine. His lawyers have announced their intention to appeal. At the beginning of November, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, had declared in The Parisian that a conviction would have no impact on the player’s future in blue, recalled for selection in May after five years of purgatory following the sextape affair and its consequences. The coach, Didier Deschamps, had been more elliptical: “You will ask me the question again [de savoir si Benzema pourrait être rappelé malgré une condamnation] when we know the judgment. ” It is not for now: the Blues do not meet before March. Read our article.

Accused of sexual assault, Nicolas Hulot announces his final withdrawal from public life. As in 2018 before the publication of a survey prepared by the ephemeral magazine Ebdo, Nicolas Hulot once again took the lead. While an investigation by France 2’s Special Envoy should give a voice to women accusing him of sexual assault on Thursday evening, the former Minister of Ecological Transition has announced that he is leaving “definitively” public life this Wednesday at the microphone of BFMTV. “I am leaving my engagement, I will not speak any more, it is too heavy paid”, said the former presenter of Ushuaia, claiming his innocence in the face of accusations that have targeted him for several years. Release make the point.

cheap disulfiram Video: Germany: Merkel considers insufficient measures against the Covid epidemic (France 24)

Germany: Merkel considers measures against the Covid epidemic insufficient



Holland and Macron’s Faustian pact with Sissi’s Egypt. In the name of the fight against terrorism, France secretly provides the Egyptian authorities with surveillance tools. But these means are mainly used to target smugglers and traffickers, even to suppress opponents or human rights activists. This is what the “confidential defense” documents show. revealed by the investigative media Disclose, from “Hundreds” that the organization says it has received: notes from the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DRM), the Elysee, diplomatic telegrams, etc. Read our analysis.

CNews and Jordan Bardella driven back by anti-fascists in Lyon. Tensions erupted on Wednesday in the Guillotière district, in Lyon, on the sidelines of a program from the CNews channel : Facing the street. This format, of which this was the second issue, gives free rein to far-right politicians to declaim their rhetoric on “Lawless areas”. The first issue focused on the “almost” far-right presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour, pushed by the chain of Vincent Bolloré, in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis) at the end of October. The program, which is presented as a live broadcast by Jean-Marc Morandini, giving a voice to the inhabitants and traders of the district and allowing the “Contact with real life”, is in fact nothing spontaneous, as had told Release. Read our article.

Three white Americans convicted of the murder of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery. They had chased him and killed him. Three white Americans were convicted on Wednesday of the murder of African-American jogger Ahmaud Arbery, whom they pursued and then shot dead in February 2020 in southern Georgia. A drama that had fueled the major anti-racist demonstrations of the summer of 2020 across the country. The twelve jurors, including one black man, deliberated for more than eleven hours to reach this unanimous verdict. The announcement was greeted by protesters who chanted Ahmaud Arbery’s name outside the courthouse. In the room, a family member shouted for joy when Travis McMichael, the perpetrator of the fatal shots, was convicted. More information here.

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Far right: how the “Recolonization France” cell recruited via the Telegram network. Thirteen far-right activists of the small group “Recolonization France” arrested Tuesday are suspected of participation or plans to participate in violent actions. According to our information, they recruited via the Internet and were relayed through influential channels in the fascosphere. Read our article.

Corporal punishments, deprivation of meals, indecent accommodation … Suspended prison sentence for the “guru” director of the Angélus Catholic Institute. Father Spinoza, as well as two former members of the private school, were found guilty of violence against minors under 15 years old. In question, abuse and humiliating practices registered in a “pedagogy of fear”. More information here.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Anarchy. Relaxed face to face despite formal obligations, the former royal highness publishes her first novel, whose main character, a rebellious redhead, looks like her. Read our portrait.

Semen sponge: I wipe skeptical. To get rid of the ejaculate after unprotected sex, an American brand markets a sponge in the shape of an XXL cotton swab to be inserted into the vagina. A method that raises questions. Read our post.