July 29, 2021

Yolande and Bernard, a fulfilling sex life at 60

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When Yolande met Bernard, she was 65 and he was 59. They immediately fell in love … Very quickly, they started a passionate relationship. “At the beginning, we were like kids, like teenagers who fall in love”, recalls Bernard in Couples in bed. “There was a very fiery period.”

For their first time, Bernard did not skimp on the means. “Bernard invited me to this very beautiful chateau, near Chantilly … Magnificent!” says Yolande. Then he took matters into his own hands. “It was so good! In those cases, you don’t even think about your little wrinkles anymore, your little folds and whatever you want … You let yourself be. You feel that the other is spoiling you. He sees you with eyes of love. “

An unforgettable first time which is not everyone’s fate. However, do not panic if things go wrong, reassures sex therapist Gilbert Bou Jaoudé. “I think it has very little influence on the rest, he explains. Because when we arrived at this intimate relationship, this famous first timeis that there has already been a minimum of contact before and that, consciously or unconsciously, we have already spotted a little bit if this person could correspond or not to my diagram. “

We are past the age of going in the hay!


Since then, Yolande and Bernard have also had to find a balance. “Bernard, there would be all the time, every day, there is no problem,” explains Yolande. Personally, I have a lot more tender pleasure in the morning. “

And then, with age, we can no longer be so foolish! “The difference is that Yolande did yoga not me and therefore that there are positions which are not adapted at all … “quips Bernard.” We are past the age of going in the hay! “He insists: their relationship is based on much more than sexuality. Making love is an “extra gift”, he concludes.

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