July 22, 2021

They talk about their fulfilling sexuality after 50 years

By admin2020

An international survey conducted by We-Vibe (carried out in July 2021, in cooperation with Appinio. 14,500 participants from 17 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia , Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States)), shows that 48% of respondents think that sexual desire decreases with age. In France, nearly 40% of survey participants are of the same opinion. We-Vibe therefore decided to contact retirees to find out more about their sex life. Results break down prejudices about sexual desire among over 55s.

Retired: love and libido still there

Contrary to popular belief and the results of the survey conducted by We-Vibe, the libido and sex do not fly away with age. Moreover, according to this same study, people over 55 evaluate their libido at 6.59 / 10, when the French score for all ages is 6.91. Medisite also conducted a survey on nearly 2,000 readers to find out their hidden fantasies last May. Hang in there, the most frequent fantasies over 40 are far from boring! Threesome sex makes 40% of respondents fantasize, for 14% of them, making love with a stranger is a fantasy. As for domination and / or submission, these practices make 7% of our readers fantasize. Not to mention making love in a public place, watching two people make love, having sex with a person of the same sex, make love handcuffed or tied up and finally having a sexual relationship with his boss or a co-worker.

Sex: the health benefits

In their videos, the We-Vibe company involved many specialists, sex therapists, sex therapists and doctors in order to respond to received ideas on the sexuality of people over 55 years old. All of them reveal that there are many health benefits of staying sexually active. Among others, the sex improves mood, helps fight against depressive states, strengthens the immune system and helps relieve pain.

Discover the advice of the people interviewed for a fulfilling sexuality.