July 22, 2021

having sex would help you sleep better

By admin2020

You cannot sleep, due to the heat ? Your partner might offer you a rather pleasant solution.

According to a British scientist, it seems that having sexual relations in hot weather acts directly on your physical and psychological state, putting you in good shape to to sleep.

Make love to fall asleep: the hormones of happiness in action

According to James Wilson, nicknamed “The Sleep Geek” (the sleep expert), sex promotes liberation happiness hormones. Called occytocin, this hormone acts directly on your neurons, allowing you to feel close to your partner. This feeling would provide the ideal conditions for resting. Asked by the British tabloid The Daily Mirror, the specialist explains that women would benefit more from the effects of sex to succeed in falling asleep, during a scorching period. This is justified by a rise in the level estrogen, which will have the effect of plunging them into a deep sleep.

Sex before bed: more or less beneficial effects

However, the “Sleep geek” would like to point out that sexual relations can be counterproductive in getting to sleep. Indeed, the heart rate will increase and produce adrenaline. Despite this, you will release prolactin and oxytocin, resulting in a state of relaxation and calm. It will then be easier to fall asleep.

It seems like oxytocin be linked to your childhood memories and act on your state of stress: James Wilson indicates that the rate of cortisol decreases after a gym session, reducing fatigue and the risk of waking up in the middle of the night.

Dr Laura Deitsch, a sex therapist interviewed by the British daily, adds that “taking the time to do something good for your health is more conducive to sleep than hanging out in front of your TV, while nibbling”.

Libido: lack of sleep would have an impact on your sexual performance

According to James Wilson, a bad night would have “devastating effects” on your romantic life, reducing the libido, as well as that of your companion.

A report from the “Sleep Foundation”, the American sleep foundation, estimates that the lack of sleep would have the effect of causing risks of dysfunction erectile and be a brake on orgasm. Deep sleep is essential for replenishing sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone.

A disturbed sleep will therefore not offer you the possibility of fully recovering, and of having the same level of libido as usual.

In France, 37% of the population claims to suffer from sleep disorders. The advice of the Sleep Geek could therefore prove useful.