June 21, 2021

Safe sex: truly safe sex practices …

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Anguished or carrying an STI? Here are some practices to consume without moderation for safe sex, or SRH.

During your lovemaking, you may have sometimes had doubts about the dangers you were taking… Safe sex, they say, or “safe practices” to avoid STIs, including HIV. A concept that dates from the arrival of AIDS in 1983. The ” fast lane sex “(Excessive sex) then gradually gives way to” safe sex », A new approach from the United States which has landed in France under the name of “Safe sex”, or SSR.

Point of useless prudery here, but information on the dangerousness – or not – of certain practices. This allows everyone to adapt their sexuality according to their wishes, to take responsibility and act accordingly (emergency treatment, PrEP, screening, treatment for STIs or HIV) … So if you have been recently diagnosed of an STI, if you have any doubts or if you are a little paranoid, hypochondriac tendency, here are some ideas of technical practices safe sex

Mutual masturbation

Sexual practice without risk since it is practiced on oneself with his fingers, his hands or with an accessory: vibrating stimulator or “masturbator”, clitoral stimulator, sex toys various … There was a time when “jerk off parties” were organized, which could be translated as “handjob orgy”. Frightened by the uncontrollable transmission of the virus, gays had decided to do without oral sex and sodomy. Still very present in some porn videos, “group masturbation sessions” are still quite unexploited in real life, right? …

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The “petting”, or the caresses without risk

Petting is intimate caresses that you practice with your partner while keeping your underwear on. It can be practiced with a sex toy, a masturbator, or simply with your hands. This allows you to learn to tame the body of the other and to give pleasure to your partner, without having for goal the penetration or the final orgasm.

We’re not going to teach you what caresses are, just remember that one finger is better than two sexes without protection! But stroking the genitals, sex or anus, can cause an exchange of body fluid, so it is possible to contract some STIs skin-to-skin. But no risk of HIV, unless you ingest semen or pre-seminal fluid, or have a big cut.

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The “intercrural coitus”

This practice consists of rubbing against each other in order to compress the sex of his partner and thus simulate a penetration. The pressure can be exerted between the thighs, on the stomach, the breasts (this is what is called the “titjob” in the case of a heterosexual couple) … In order to limit any risk of infection, he It is important to control your sex and avoid the exchange of bodily fluids (but not saliva, which is not contaminating!). Here again, condoms or underwear are recommended to avoid being contaminated by certain STIs (when it is true or suspected). To protect yourself and also to discover yourself differently!

We take care of ourselves and our sexual health

Condoms, PrEP, or sex with HIV-positive people on treatment who have an undetectable HIV viral load turn almost any practice into safe, but only for HIV. To reduce the risk of other STIs, without depriving yourself of the pleasure of the genitals:

> Oral sex (fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming) is more protected with STIs condoms or dental dams

> Anal or vaginal sex is protected from STIs with condoms. Use lots of lubricant and never use two condoms at the same time.

> Finger without cut or with a condom on the finger (there are even “finger gloves”). The danger of injury is greater with the fist, but there are also specific gloves!

> Safe use of sex toys (do not share them – the virus can survive on surfaces for a short period of time). To disinfect them, it suffices to immerse them in alcohol at 90 ° C for example.

> BDSM activities that do not involve blood are safe from STIs

> Kissing, watching porn together, having tantric sex sessions …. And so on, risk free!

Having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can accidentally forget the condom. The safe sex, it is not being a mother modesty, it is already knowing the degree of the risks that one takes, and controlling them: consuming chemicals in the sexual context but knowing mixtures not to be made, the techniques risk reduction. Orgy or multi-partnerships: the risks multiply depending on the number of partners, simultaneous or consecutive …

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Sex is not just sex

A sex life is not just about “abstaining” from sexual contact, it’s also thinking about your sexual well-being, its choices, practices and options:

> It’s being able to say yes or say no

> Know your sexuality, investigate, discover it, as much as your body and its pleasure

> Êbe in a chosen environment, with consciously chosen partners

> Êbe able to talk about all this (so see a shrink, or a sex therapist)

> Know how STIs work, where to get tested or urgently treated in the event of risk taking (TPE for HIV in hospitals, for example)

> Benefit from a attentive medical staff

> Asee a pleasant, stimulating, exciting and erotic sex life, which promotes self-confidence

Some STIs open the way for others, are sometimes difficult to treat, long and painful, but it is above all the lack of screening and treatment that is dangerous: we are transmissible from these infections and the overall state of health can degrade. The safe sex depends on the practice of each one, and especially on his level of information …

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