June 11, 2021

what becomes of singer Pierre Perret?

By admin2020

Over thirty years, from the 1960s to the 1990s, many artists sang for children. Among them, how can we not think of the tireless Chantal Goya, who last year, on a TV set, slammed on one of her greatest hits, A rabbit ! And then there was also Henri Salvador, Anne Sylvestre and her fabulettes, Richard Gotainer, Hugues Aufray, still dashing at 92, And without forgetting Dorothée and her gang, including Bernard Minet, or Marie Dauphin or Douchka. And this skewer wouldn’t be complete without citing Pierre Perret, whose The Secret Life of Songs devotes a program this Friday at 11:20 pm on France 3.

Pierre Perret, at the height of his 86 years, has always kept his sparkling and laughing gaze, like many of his songs. The bird cage, the Zizi, The summer camps, The dishes or even Lily … there is inevitably an air from his large repertoire that speaks to everyone. However, these texts were not initially intended for children but referred to social issues in 2019. Thus, the Zizi was an allusion to the teaching of sex education in schools; Lily, a very beautiful text on racism, was written to raise awareness of the plight of migrants at the time; As for the Bird Cage, it was there to say that the prison is useless and that the prisoners must be released. But the children took it literally and gave freedom to the caged birds!

Still present in everyone’s mind, Pierre Perret, who (…)

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