June 11, 2021

A former star of “Plus belle la vie” poses completely naked on Instagram, and very closely … had to dare!

By admin2020

Apart from filming for her television series or films, GĂ©raldine Lapalus takes advantage of her free time to indulge in the activities she prefers. Among his passions: making a dip. But be careful, not just any way.

Followed by nearly 65,000 subscribers, the actress likes to share her daily life: daily activities, shoots, photo shoots, moments of accomplice with her dear and tender, Julien or even with her 8-year-old daughter June. But in recent days, it’s her romantic vacation that Geraldine Lapalus is sharing with internet users.

Their short stay at the Sainte Victoire Lodges, in the heart of Aix en Provence, offers the couple the opportunity to spend several days in peace, and in luxury thanks to its 5-star classification. The opportunity therefore for GĂ©raldine Lapalus to make her subscribers dream by showing them her room, her visits to the vineyards, or the huge inground pool at her disposal, in which she does not hesitate to dive completely naked. If she is fully entitled to it and loves to do it, the latter has also decided to share this little ritual with her community on Instagram by posting a selfie in which she appears very closely, completely naked, with two small star emoticons to hide the end of her breasts accompanied by the music of Brigitte Bardot: Nue au soleil.

A surprising photo that must have amazed her subscribers, but certainly rejoiced to see that the actress is more fulfilled than ever during her short holiday weekend in the south.

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