June 10, 2021

They want to be heard | Angry French psychologists

By admin2020

(Paris) “Neither sold off, nor submissive”: several thousand “angry” psychologists gathered in France on Thursday to say no to “assembly line work” and to recent measures which “no longer allow them to listen, to hear properly ”.

Laurence COUSTAL
France Media Agency

In the sights of the demonstrators, 30-minute consultations at “ridiculous rates” of 22 euros (32 Canadian dollars) and “inadmissible working conditions”.

Angry psychologists

“It is out of the question to accept like that what is proposed to us, even imposed”, assures AFP Garance Journeau, clinical psychologist in Paris, brandishing a “You see our anger? »Stuck to an ink stain like the famous Rorschach test.

Other signs such as “Psy axphyxiés / Patients despised” or “Uber psy non merci” dominated the some 1,200 people, according to the police, gathered under the windows of the Ministry of Health in Paris.

“Decisions are made without consulting us. This finding is all the more incomprehensible as the health crisis has highlighted the importance of psychologists, ”explains Annie Perrier-Giraud, union official of the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP) in Aquitaine.

The day of strike, at the call of various associations, mobilized professionals from the public and private sectors in nearly twenty cities.

” Limited time ”

“I spend an hour per client and it is sometimes too short. What do you want us to do in 30 minutes? The patient does not have time to open up, to speak, to cry, to come to his senses, ”explains Pauline Bonnet, in his thirties, psychologist in Capbreton (in the Landes), who demonstrated in Bordeaux with 150 to 200 of his colleagues.

Also denouncing this “limited time”, Caroline Fanciullo, co-founder of the #manifestePsy collective demands to be able to “choose one’s tools”, “direct access to psychological care” without compulsory prescriptions, and “the right to exceed fees”, the everything to be able to “work properly”.

These demands are added to the upgrading of the salary index grids, the creation of additional permanent positions in the CMP and CMPP (medico-psychological or medico-psychopedagogical centers), and a massive tenure plan for psychologists in the hospital public service.

For Moira Deny, clinical psychologist at the Saint-Étienne hospital center, “with the distress generated by the pandemic, the number of posts should at least be doubled to take care of everyone”.

900 shrinks who want to be heard

In Lyon, they were 900, according to the police, around banners like “And us, who listens to us? “,” No, shrinks can not hear everything “, and to ask the government to renounce new regulations which, they believe,” make the profession even more precarious. ”

“A reimbursement of a session up to 22 euros, if we remove the charges, this amounts to 8 euros per session. The state must allow us to exceed our fees, ”argues Manon Cedolin, psychologist in Marckolsheim, demonstrating with 200 other people in Strasbourg.

“We are not opposed in the idea of ​​a refund, far from it, but it must take place under good conditions,” explains Pierre-Fransisco Andriolo, who practices in Saint-Étienne, with sessions billed at 55 euros.

“Happy to find us… not to pay us”, “Black Freud Day” or even “Talk to your plant, your shrink has no more time”: the signs were numerous at the demonstration in Rennes, where 400 people were recorded by the police.

“It’s quite unprecedented that so many shrinks are in the street,” said Marie Leblanc Vernet, a 42-year-old clinical psychologist. However, she is not surprised: “What is happening is serious. We have never been attacked so hard ”.