June 10, 2021

India takes aim at alleged sexual reorientation therapies

By admin2020

Seized by a lesbian couple harassed by their parents because they live as a couple, the high court of Madras invites the legislator to ban the medical practices recommended by charlatans for “cure” of homosexuality.

Will Tamil Nadu become the first federated state in India to ban sexual reorientation therapy? Monday, June 7, the high court of Madras handed down “An unprecedented progressive judgment” in this sense, “With the aim of making Indian society more tolerant of the LGBT community”, salute the british newspaper The Independent. This stance echoes the UK’s May pledge to ban these therapies, according to which sexuality can be changed by outside intervention.

On social media, several commentators called the decision“Deserved tribute” homosexuals and transsexuals, “While the pride marches are held in June”, in the whole world. With the decision of the Madras judges of “Banning any attempt at medical cure or change in sexual orientation, Tamil Nadu in southern India should set a precedent.”

Harassment and threats

The magistrates had been seized of a request “Filed by a lesbian couple who had run away from their home”, in the city of Madurai, “Because their parents were opposed to their life together”. The families of the two women went so far as to declare their disappearance to the police, which


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