June 10, 2021

A new serial killer threatens the inhabitants of the Mistral

By admin2020

Wouldn’t it be good to live on Place du Mistral? Possible! Still, once again the heroes of More beautiful life, which is about to find Roland, may well have to be on their guard. While Patrick Nebout (Jérôme Bertin who gently mocks his partner Marie Réache) barely recovering from his sexual assault, when Camille (Lisa Cipriani), Emma’s sister (Pauline Bression who mentioned the possible return of Jacob) has finally been freed from the clutches of its kidnapper, an imminent peril seems to weigh once again on the Marseillais. Indeed, the police suspect that a new serial killer is raging in the neighborhood and would wall up his victims alive who perish in terrible suffering. In any case, this is what suggests a new trailer proposed by the official website of the series.

Oh surprise, Commissioner Cisse (Andrew Isar) might even be suspected by his own team of being the serial killer. It must also be said that he was recently transferred to the Mistral. Above all, in the trailer, we discover that, as soon as he learns of the identity of one of his first victims, he rushes to his home to erase all traces of his passage. Bad timing: his subordinates arrive shortly after and surprise him there. In the episode aired on June 15, he will even be placed in police custody and will have to answer the interrogation conducted by Ariane. Even if we have to believe that her explanations will convince the investigator since, (…)

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