April 5, 2021

These young Creusois shot a film in the office of a sex therapist

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Make a short film to participate in a national competition? The young people of the Local Mission are not at their first attempt: two years ago, they made a short film on the theme of harassment which had been selected for the Vox Milo festival. “We then made a film on European citizenship,” says Melvin, 25, who has been part of this hard core of budding directors from the start. And last year, just before the health crisis, we did one on the theme of health with Perrine Nouvier (director based in Creuse who had already worked on their first short film): is access to healthcare a privilege for a few or a universal right? “.

Young people from the local Guéret Mission shoot a short film on harassment

It will be understood: behind the discovery – and now the improvement – of all the techniques linked to the making of a short film, there are real sources of reflection, and even of fulfillment for some of these young people.

“We needed originality”

“At the Local Mission, the primary objective is still employment and training,” underlines Rébecca Rolland, project manager. But with the Mil’Avenir blog that they created in 2018, with these short films, these competitions, we have a hard core of hyper-diligent young people where everyone has their specificities, where everyone comes to take and give skills and everything. this allows them to highlight these skills ”And to gain autonomy, confidence in themselves and others, in self-confidence…

In Creuse, what are the missions of the local Mission?

What they show once again by launching themselves this year in a new realization by answering the call of the festival-competition I film the job that I like. “We listed a little everything that interested us and we finally chose the profession of … sex therapist”, continues Melvin. Surprising? Yes, but not so much for the choice of the profession in question as for the reasons which motivated these ten young people. Admittedly, “it was necessary to be original, to be innovative”, Rebecca Rolland had whispered to them… who admits to having been “amazed” even more by the way in which they managed the project from start to finish. “They created their storyboard, wrote their screenplay. They knew how to organize themselves, they were very autonomous. I doubted that a sex therapist would agree to answer us for this film and they were able to be convincing since she called me back on a Friday evening at 9 pm to tell me: “Yes, yes that interests me. That will make it possible to desecrate the profession ”. “

“In college, you don’t necessarily hear about the clitoris”

Desecrate: that was one of the goals in choosing this profession. “We wanted to talk about a little-known profession and overcome prejudices,” explains Émilien. We want to tell people who need advice that they can get it from a sex therapist. “” We know this profession of course, but young people who have problems may not necessarily dare to go, says Annie. We do not say it enough and to include it in this competition, it will make it better known. It’s a professional outlook too and it can be useful for those who take sex for a joke. “This short film is in the running for the competition I film the job that I like
“Talking about this job was not necessarily everyone’s choice, but I thought it was good because I remember that as a colleague, sex education was still very limited,” continues Melvin. In college, you don’t necessarily hear about the clitoris, the prostate… ”Next, you’ll see her in the short film, with this therapist from Saint-Junien who agreed to play the game, interview style hijacked in his cabinet. “We staged a young woman, played by Annie, who comes to talk about her problems. We played it with a sense of humor… ”but very seriously since the film in question will compete alongside nearly 5,000 other short films. And while waiting for the prize list announced for the end of May, these young directors are already working on two other films …

Severine Perrier

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