April 4, 2021

Tips: A store dedicated to female sexuality will open in Friborg

By admin2020

Pexels / Sunsetoned


The Bloom store will focus on sexual health. It is part of a movement that saw the opening, in Renens, of a pop-up specialist in menstruation.

“We have noticed an absence and a real demand for this type of store in the French-speaking region.” Jeanne Morand and Cyrielle Goetschi, 27, embarked on a project this year that was close to their hearts: the opening of a boutique dedicated to sexual health in their native canton, Friborg.

Normal sex toys

“I’ve been thinking about it for more or less two years. This year is the right one. We started with an online survey that we took to our respective circles. Thanks to the latter, we realized the motivation that there could be around such a project, we had more than 400 responses ”, details Jeanne Morand who is completing her master’s degree in social sciences at the University of Lausanne. Cyrielle is a psychologist and plans to take continuing education in sexual health.

The purpose of such a store? Between ecology and feminism, offer whoever wants a range of choices in reusable products dedicated to menstruation, like Ranute in Renens, but also, and this is a first, sextoys “and not scary stuff!” or works dealing with sexuality. The crowdfunding that will allow the girls to rent premises and prepare stocks should be launched in the coming weeks for the store to open in the fall.

The store will be called Bloom. “It was important for us to create a caring space where everyone can feel heard. Today, to buy sextoys, either we go to a sex shop which is not necessarily a place where we feel comfortable, or we order online and there is very little advice, ”explains Jeanne Morand. Advice is the added value that Jeanne and Cyrielle want to highlight, “and that people can come and see, smell, touch, what they want to buy. Online people buy a lot blind ”.

And so that the topics related to sexuality are approached without any taboos, Jeanne and Cyrielle also wish to create workshops with these questions for thematic. “Things are changing, some taboos are falling and young people are more and more open-minded.”