March 4, 2021

what are the really useful gestures?

By admin2020

DAILY DUPIN – This Thursday is World Day Against Obesity. And the magazine 60 Million Consumers publishes a special issue entitled Health on the Plate, full of practical advice for eating better.

The government is launching a logo to encourage organic and local consumption.

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The government is launching a logo to encourage organic and local consumption.

The magazine 60 million consumers started from an observation. The share of food in household spending is steadily shrinking. And we no longer find the same ingredients in our shopping baskets at all: there is less alcohol, less meat, but also less fruit and vegetables and, above all, a lot more processed products.

And the main message of 60 millions it is precisely that we must avoid at all costs these processed products, with extended labels and ingredients with strange names, which we do not really know what they correspond to. Also avoid sugar obviously including hidden sugars those found in processed products.

So concretely, what do we eat?

I’m not going to teach you anything, there is the famous rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. But now, we know less, the authorities also recommend to eat every day a small handful of nuts like walnuts or almonds, but also dried vegetables like chickpeas or red beans because they are rich. in fiber, and then oily fish such as sardines or mackerel twice a week.

Another official recommendation: eat starchy foods like pasta and rice but choose them whole. And then a maximum of 500 grams of red meat per week, ie the equivalent of 3 steaks.

But what du Grass?

We have a right to fat and even we need it. According to the national food safety agency, lipids should represent 35 to 40% of our daily intake. We can therefore indulge ourselves by consuming olive oil but also nuts and rapeseed, and even butter, which is the only food naturally rich in vitamin A, D and E.

And what cooking then? In the oven? Steam ? In the pan ?

You should know that as soon as you heat a food there are changes that take place. Some can be positive, such as the release of the antioxidant which gives tomatoes their red color. But there are also harmful changes, such as the release in grilled meats of toxic compounds that are also found in cigarette smoke. The magazine 60 Millions especially advise to avoid cooking at high temperature, beyond 180 degrees.

For vegetables, limit cooking times. It is better only to “decudge” them, that is to say to spend 2 minutes in boiling water to prevent them from losing their nutritional qualities. Another tip: avoid heating the oil in the pan. If the oil starts to smoke, it means that it releases compounds that are dangerous to health.