March 4, 2021

still on the run, an incestuous father sentenced to three years in prison

By admin2020

When his daughter filed a complaint, this man fled France. Suspected of having committed an incestuous sexual assault on his 11-year-old daughter, this Kosovar national has never returned to the country which had granted him political asylum. Since 2017, he had been under an arrest warrant. Known to the courts, threatening or even violent with his partner, he would have touched his daughter on several occasions. The facts allegedly took place in 2016 at the home of the family, who lived in Planoise, in Besançon. The victim never changed his version.

The horror of incest

Tried at the Besançon court on Wednesday March 3, the 38-year-old father did not explain the facts. He was absent. The correctional chamber sentenced him by default to three years in prison, accompanied by a definitive ban from French territory. The prosecution had requested two years in prison against him. The man has been enrolled the automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual and violent offenses. Now 16 years old, the victim has not recovered from what she suffered: “Her life has changed,” explains Maître Cristina De Magalhaes, her lawyer. “She felt guilty for revealing the facts, which had the consequence of separating the father from the family. »And to add about incest : “It is all the more difficult to rebuild oneself when, as a child, one has been attacked by the man who represents the very image of protection. ”