March 4, 2021

Sex: a study reveals our main concerns when making love: Current Woman The MAG

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During sex, we tend to be in the present moment, to fully enjoy it, to seek to take pleasure and to give it to our partner. But sometimes, certain concerns can cross our mind, and are likely to disrupt what we are doing …

A recent British study, conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor and relayed by, reveals the most common concerns during a hang out.

Sex: reaching orgasm, self-confidence …

And no, despite the current health context, the risk of catching Covid-19 is not at the top of this list of fears when it comes to sex. Indeed, the most frequent fear is rather not to attract your partner once undressed.

Body hair, and the fact of not feeling comfortable in front of the other when the temperature rises in the room, are also subjects that worry some of the English interviewed by Superdrug Online Doctor.

Sexual performance is also an issue, since allowing one’s partner to reach orgasm seems to be of concern to many of the people questioned.

Single, in a relationship: fears differ when it comes to sex

Looking into the details, singles and couples do not have the same concerns in bed, as this work suggests.

Catching a sexually transmitted infection is of particular concern to singles, who are more likely to meet new people, while married people still report being afraid of catching or transmitting the coronavirus to their partner while having sex.

The most common concerns during sex

Experts have ranked the concerns most likely to cross the minds of partners, single or in a relationship, during sex:

  • What if my partner doesn’t find my naked body attractive?
  • What if my partner does not reach an orgasm, or is not satisfied?
  • What if I suck in bed?
  • What if my partner has an STI?
  • What if it causes an unwanted pregnancy?
  • What if there is premature ejaculation?
  • And what will he / she think of my body hair?
  • What if there is discomfort between us during sex?
  • What if penetration is painful?
  • And then, I’m not used to …

But where do these fears, which appear during sex, come from?

Also according to this study, nearly one in five people would explain these fears related to sex, by a bad past experience, which would therefore have left traces in their minds.

Only one in ten believe that these fears come from personal experiences lived and reported by outsiders.

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