March 4, 2021

Health. Covid-19. Compulsory vaccination of caregivers divides

By admin2020

The subject has been debated for several days: compulsory vaccination of caregivers.

For some, it seems inconceivable that medical personnel are not vaccinated as a priority. For caregivers, this is about protecting themselves, avoiding contamination between them and avoiding spreading the virus among patients.

However, it is clear that caregivers are not scrambling to be vaccinated. “In the Covid services, we have 80% of vaccinated, but elsewhere much less. It is not possible. It is unacceptable”, thus summarizes one of the participants of the Health Defense Council, in the columns of L’Obs. “Those who do not want to do it now, it is on principle,” he continues. And yet, they are already forced to be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hepatitis B.

On the side of nursing homes and long-term care units, “less than 200,000 professionals have received at least one dose of vaccine, or 42% of the workforce,” L’Obs.

The subject is not unanimous

It must be said that the compulsory vaccination of caregivers is not unanimous. Some caregivers consider that the measure would be an “additional obstacle to recruit” and “could scare away staff”, underlines again L’Obs.

There is also a more “practical” problem. In The echoes, the general delegate of Synerpa, which represents private establishments, deplores the difficulty for caregivers to go to a vaccination center: “Deliver us directly, so that we can vaccinate our employees! We have the doctors, the nurses” , she emphasizes.

Macron did not decide

The debate is therefore very topical. It was discussed this Wednesday in the Health Defense Council. Emmanuel Macron himself would have looked into the subject, without really deciding.

For The echoes, if the track of compulsory vaccination is mentioned to the government, it remains unresolved. “The Head of State would like to push the fire on vaccination and would like it to be generalized for nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes”, specifies the economic newspaper. But “this is one line of work among others,” holds the Elysee, very cautious.

However, it is not excluded that Jean Castex will speak on the subject during the press conference this evening.