March 4, 2021

A platform dedicated to women to consult sex therapists online

By admin2020

In 2019, entrepreneurs Simon Burellier and Olivier Algoud, accompanied by doctor Gilbert Bou-Jaoudé, co-founded, a teleconsultation platform for men, focused on erection problems,premature ejaculation or even a decrease in libido. An initiative intended to break the taboo of male sexual disorders by encouraging those concerned to strike up a conversation with a professional.

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Today, claims 25,000 patients. Two years later, the same team put the cover back, this time on the women’s side, and launched The project won out, as Simon Burellier testifies: “Some women went through the cracks of to get an appointment with a doctor. We realized that there was a need and that, like men, women had little information and did not always dare to discuss their intimate concerns with a specialist. “

But beyond this observation, a figure that the co-founder shares with us over the phone: “Less than 8% of women in France were questioned about their sexual difficulties by a health professional, hence the interest. to facilitate their access to qualified sex therapists. “*

After having tested the ground with the fairer sex, the founders of decided to constitute a female team of sexologists to build confidence. A referent sex therapist has even been appointed: Camille Bataillon, @camilleparlesexe on Instagram, will publish a book on postpartum sexuality in June **.

For this sex therapist who lives in Belgium, is a revolution: “There are health consultation platforms that bring together several trades. But is completely dedicated to female sexuality. This specificity is a strength and will help women take the plunge, ”she explains.

A tailor-made support to overcome female sexual disorders

On, it all starts with a questionnaire, the first step in the journey. “It allows patients to enter into a consultation process and our teams to mobilize themselves to find the best response to offer them,” explains Simon Burellier. Indeed, women are referred according to their reason for consultation. Several entry points have been established, such as pain during intercourse, which affects 15 to 20% of women (and more than 50% of postmenopausal women) ***, difficulties in reaching orgasm and taking pleasure ( for 20 to 25% of women), and lack or absence of sexual desire, the most common disorder that affects 30 to 50% of women. Of course, “free” requests are also welcome.

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Then, it’s time for a consultation with a sex therapist, who may have another hat depending on the issue raised: shrink, midwife or couple therapist. The consultation is carried out by video, or by phone or via chat, for maximum ease and comfort. Count 60 euros for a thirty-minute consultation.

In addition to its teleconsultation service, offers free instructive videos on its account Youtube conducted by Camille Bataillon and disseminates sex advice on her Instagram account @mia.co_fr. Other informative content is to come, some of which will be reserved for patients.

*Buvat J, Glasser D, Neves RC, Duarte FG, Gingell C, Moreira ED Jr; Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviours (GSSAB) Investigators’ Group. Sexual problems and associated help-seeking behavior patterns: results of a population-based survey in France. Int J Urol. 2009 Jul;16(7):632-8. doi: 10.1111/j.1442-2042.2009.02316.x. PMID: 19456984.

* “Reinventing your intimate life after a baby”, Camille Bataillon, Kiwi editions, June 2021

* Figures taken from the book “Sexual Medicine Foundations and Practices” (ed. Lavoisier Medecine Science) on which the teams and Doctor Gilbert Bou-Jaoudé relied.