March 4, 2021

A platform dedicated to women to consult sex therapists online

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It is now possible to consult a sex therapist by video, phone or messages on the platform. This service run by women is the first entirely dedicated to female sexuality.

In 2019, entrepreneurs Simon Burellier and Olivier Algoud, accompanied by doctor Gilbert Bou-Jaoudé, co-founded, a teleconsultation platform for men, focused on erection problems,premature ejaculation or even a decrease in libido. An initiative intended to break the taboo of male sexual disorders by encouraging those concerned to strike up a conversation with a professional.

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Today, claims 25,000 patients. Two years later, the same team put the cover back, this time on the women’s side, and launched The project won out, as Simon Burellier testifies: “Some women went through the cracks of to get an appointment with a doctor. We realized that there was a need and that, like men, women had little information and did not always dare to discuss their intimate concerns with a specialist. “

But beyond this observation, a figure that the co-founder shares with us over the phone: “Less than 8% of women in France were questioned about their sexual difficulties by a health professional, hence the interest. to facilitate their access to qualified sex therapists. “*

After having tested the ground with the fairer sex, the founders of decided to constitute a female team …

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