March 4, 2021

4 natural aphrodisiacs to boost your libido

By admin2020

For millennia, various foods have been used to improve sexual abilities and boost your libido. These magic potions that we call ” aphrodisiacs “(The term comes fromAphrodite, the Greek goddess of sex and love) would be the secret of a more active and satisfying sex life.

If we especially know the alleged aphrodisiac virtues everyday foods like oysters or dark chocolate, there are also botanical ingredients drawn from nature that turn out to be real sexual fuel for the body!

Why use botanical aphrodisiacs?

The botanical aphrodisiacs are specific plants, herbs or flowers known for increase sexual desire and pleasure. These plants have a chemical composition that can impact many areas of the body and brain. For example, some essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier (only about 2% of pharmaceutical drugs can) and therefore can interact directly with brain cells that regulate mood and desires.

According to the American sex therapist Rebecca Alvarez Story, these 4 botanical ingredients can wake up our sexual desires providing nutrients aphrodisiacs inside and outside the body. There are several ways to consume them: by eating them (mixed with food), by inhaling them (thanks to thearomatherapy) or by applying them to our skin (topical products).