February 23, 2021

Sexual assault: he believes he does not deserve a criminal record

By admin2020

Sexual assailant who lashed out at top athlete on a date gone wrong feels he has suffered enough since his arrest, so he doesn’t believe he deserves a criminal record for his crime .

“While the victim is working, competing and living his life successfully, he is locked in a basement. His career is practically ruined. There is no point in punishing him more, he is already destroyed ”, launched Me Vincent Rose asking for absolution for his client Chad Ofter.

Ofter, 25, was back at the Montreal courthouse on Monday, in connection with his crime committed in January 2017. At the time, he invited a young woman to his home, in the hope of having relations sexual, except that the latter did not want it. The woman had to say twice “no”, she said at the trial.

“In connection with this refusal, he testified to having taken the ‘no’ as a ‘not yet’,” said Judge Yvan Poulin when reading the judgment.

As the young woman refused to have a full relationship with Ofter, the latter then forced her to do other acts of a sexual nature.

“Relatives [de l’accusé] described him as a gentleman, but he surely didn’t treat her like a gentleman, he used her as a disposable object and then told her to leave, ”commented Me Annabelle Sheppard, from the Crown, this Monday.

Devastated athlete

As a result of the assault, the complainant, an athlete who has won national titles in addition to being on the podium in international competitions, saw her life changed.

“She described trauma, nightmares, insomnia,” said Me Sheppard. She was a top athlete, but she doesn’t live her life as an athlete. “

Afterward’s lawyer questioned the impact on the victim’s life, however. Because since the assault, she still won medals, he recalled. The lawyer even raised the fact that, on Instagram, the young woman was displayed with images showing her happy.

“Everyone looks perfect on social media,” the Crown retorted. Influencers show themselves to be happy and end their days later. Couples are happy when this is not the case. These are images, that does not mean that the person is not in pain. ”


But for the defense, it is clear that it is his client who suffered in this whole story, who even temporarily lost his real estate agent’s license.

“He lived the humiliation, he suffered the stigma of shame, his career is potentially ruined”, pleaded the lawyer without however mentioning that After was solely responsible for his crime.

The lawyer therefore asked the judge to grant his client absolution, conditional among other things on probation.

The Crown, for its part, believes that a sentence of 18 months in prison would be reasonable.

The judge, who admitted that After does not have the profile of a sexual predator, will hand down his sentence next month.