February 23, 2021

Michel Cymès accused of plagiarism by a fellow doctor

By admin2020

Doctor and journalist Marc Gozlan accuses his colleague, doctor and columnist Michel Cymès, of plagiarism in his program on RTL “Ca va much better” last Sunday

Since the start of the epidemic, he has been talked about a lot, especially in bad. The doctor and chronicler Michel Cymès is in turmoil after accusations of plagiarism from his colleague Marc Gozlan.

“Hey, Michel Cymes, you’re not ashamed to copy”

The journalist and doctor published on February 14 on his blog du Monde “Biomedical Realities”A post entitled“ Love and Sexuality in the Age of Covid-19 ”. This article dealt with the impact of the Covid on our romantic relationships. An obvious and predictable theme during a romantic holiday period. A theme that will have visibly inspired Michel Cymès for his weekly show.

Marc Gozlan published a series of tweets this morning to challenge the principal interested and the radio for explanations. “Please prefer the original to the copy”, “You mustn’t have sprained your wrist too much” or “But what a wanker this Michel Cymes” . The journalist’s anger was felt through his tweets.