February 23, 2021

Michel Cymes accused of plagiarism after a column on love and Covid-19

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Michel Cymes accused of plagiarism after a column on love and Covid-19

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Michel Cymes accused of plagiarism after a column on love and Covid-19

Michel Cymes continues to be talked about. This Tuesday, February 23, the famous doctor and television host is accused of plagiarism by Marc Gozlan, a medical-scientific journalist.

This Sunday February 21, Michel Cymes hosted the show It’s going much better, Weekly on the waves of RTL with today’s subject: Coronavirus: Why the New York Public Health Agency recommends masturbation. The opportunity for the famous doctor interact on the subject and to share his recommendations. An intervention widely commented on on social networks, in particular by Marc Gozlan, medical-scientific journalist. Indeed, the latter accuses Michel Cymes of plagiarism. In several of his tweets, the one who is also a doctor by profession makes the comparison, through screenshots, between the words of Michel Cymes and one of his articles published by The world on February 14th.

“Michel Cymes, you are not ashamed to copy almost word for word and from A to Z my blog post “, said Marc Gozlan, before calling the drafting of RTL : ” Could you contact me for pay me the amount of the freelance by Michel Cymes? He has downright copied my blog post unbeknownst to me of my own free will “. If the editorial staff has not yet responded to his accuser’s words, Marc Gozlan does not take offense: “Thanks to Michel Cymes, I discovered The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body. This one is able to reproduce, without the slightest effort, the work of the freelance science journalist that I am! Read on, you won’t believe your eyes! “ A new charge to which Michel has not reacted for the moment.

Michel Cymes does his mea-culpa with the French

Outraged this accusation of plagiarism by Marc Gozlan, Michel Cymes has also come under fire from critics after his numerous speeches about Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic. Words that he now regrets: “At the start of the crisis, I gave information that I was trying to popularize but which was not good ” he declared to the Dauphiné. “For the medical informant that I am, it totally called into question my way of doing this job because quite frankly, I have not lived up to the trust and great credibility people give me medically – due to my popularity “, he continued.