February 23, 2021

Chapter 4. Sexual health counseling

By admin2020

Since the advent of sex-active drugs at the end of the nineties (Giami and Pietri, 1999; Giami, 2004), there has been a significant development in the management of sexuality in the health sector. in general and chronic diseases in particular. These interventions are, most of the time, focused on the management of sexual disorders and dysfunctions. They can be treated in the field of sexual medicine and are therefore based on very elaborate medical and pharmacological (or even surgical) protocols like other medical treatments (AIUS, 2010; AFU, 2013; ESSM, 2012). These interventions can be based on the management and support of the consequences of the pathologies themselves or on the undesirable effects of certain drugs in the performance of sexual function, as is the case in the field of cancer, for example. In the field of AIDS, it is with the arrival of antiretroviral therapies which have contributed to the reduction of morbidity and mortality that the question of sexuality and its problems has developed (Lallemand, et al. , 2002). In addition, we observe the development of psychotherapies and clinical sexology, represented in particular by psycho-sexology (EFS and ESSM, 2013; Mignot, et al., 2013) which constitute forms of treatment and support for sexual disorders. , and problems related to sexuality, just as codified …