February 23, 2021

Case closed on allegations of mistreatment in a home in Vex (VS) – rts.ch

By admin2020

The procedure opened in 2014 on allegations of mistreatment within the St-Sylve home, in Vex (VS) has been closed. No criminal offense could be established, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which however noted “serious dysfunctions”.

The affair broke out in 2014 when ten employees denounced cases of mistreatment within the Valais establishment. An investigation was opened in the wake of four defendants for offenses including against bodily integrity and freedom.

“No direct testimony from residents could be collected during the investigation,” said the Public Ministry on Tuesday in a statement. The residents affected by the denunciations were either already dead at the start of the proceedings, or deemed unfit, by experts, to be heard in the proceedings in view of their health.

“Very many auditions”

The prosecution notes that there were also no “findings of beatings, mistreatment or medical reports indicating possible injuries”, nor “forensic examinations carried out on the residents”. Due to a lack of evidence, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which emphasizes having conducted “very many hearings”, therefore closed the procedure.

The investigation, which lasted more than six years, however, highlighted the existence of serious dysfunctions and inappropriate acts in the care provided to some residents. The prosecution also notes that the criminal complaints were lodged in a context of extreme tension within the home which was undergoing restructuring at the time.

The parties may appeal against the classification decision to the Cantonal Court within 10 days.

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