February 23, 2021

6 reasons for a man to say “no” to sex

By admin2020

What turns him off when it comes to sex?

For sex, men are always ready, aren’t they? It’s not so sure, says PJ, a 29-year-old website developer in Toronto. “It is quite rare that I do not have the taste of a sexual relation, but when I say no, it is because I have an idea in the head and that I can not manage to leave it” , he explains.

Even a surprise visit from his girlfriend in alluring clothes for a surprise birthday won’t make him flinch if he’s feeling very concerned. “I feel absent and I wouldn’t really be able to show up. And when it comes to sex, we really want to communicate with each otherHe continues.

It’s hard to imagine that a healthy heterosexual could refuse the advances of a woman in a thong. But PJ is far from the only one in this case, says David McKenzie, a sex therapist from Vancouver. “Over the past two years, I received a more masculine clientele in my office than before and I notice that it is the women who seem to be making the advances, ”he continues.

If your partner refuses your advances, this lack of interest is likely due to good reasons that may have nothing to do with their feelings towards you. Here are the most common reasons men say no and here are some suggestions for turning that refusal into yes.