February 22, 2021

We do not talk about the frequency of intercourse in a couple

By admin2020

Frequency of intercourse, simulation of orgasm, sexual breakdown, masturbation … There are many difficult subjects to broach even within the intimacy of the couple. Panorama of the biggest taboos of sexuality.

Frequency of intercourse

The frequency of intercourse is not an easily accessible topic in a couple’s life. In general, it is maximum during the first months of the union, witness to the desire that drives new lovers, and decreases over time. A French survey1 showed that couples had on average 8.7 intercourse per month. This is the third national survey on sexual behavior in France, after the Simon survey of 1970 and the ACSF survey of 19922. As astonishing as it may seem, it seems that this frequency does not vary across the ages and even presents an apparent homogeneity between culturally close populations. A survey of Montrealers carried out in 1987 found a frequency of 8.4 sexual intercourse per month while an American survey gave the number of 8.9. On the other hand, among sexually active people, it decreases steadily from 13 the first year of life as a couple, to 7 after 15 years.

An ideal frequency?

In reality, the question is whether there is an ideal frequency. A team of researchers decided to investigate the matter by determining to what extent the frequency of sexual intercourse influences well-being.3. They were able to show that the more frequent the intercourse, the higher the reported happiness. But they also discovered that in order to be truly satisfied with her sex life, you have to have a little more reports than the average. Sexuality being a private matter, how can we estimate the number in our surroundings? By consulting the media according to Tim Wadsworth, one of the authors of the study, but also by discussing with his relatives. “Man being a social creature, all self-awareness is dependent on the gaze of others,” he adds.